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Broaden Your Horizons

When starting your voiceover career, it is best to find your niche, what area of this business suits you the most. During the process, you will discover all sorts of areas you probably never realized existed in voiceover, the possibilities are really endless.

When you are fortunate enough to find your niche and continue to study, practice, network and grow your business, do not be afraid to broaden your horizons a bit. However, it is is important that you explore every aspect of the business and the many opportunities it brings, you will be pleasantly surprised how far it can stretch.

I know as I started out, studying, taking classes, listening to others in the business speak of their experiences and of course networking with more seasoned professionals and taking pointers from them all. It is not about sounding like anyone or traveling the same paths but, finding your own voice and your own path while learning in the process.

Like anything else in life we tackle, your voiceover business will come with ups and downs, rejections, etc. but the key is to keep pushing and growing, be willing to learn and taking that knowledge to get better and better. I am still learning and I am now 12 years in, I want to get better and better and broaden my horizons in this field.

Voiceover can lead to so many other amazing opportuniites. You just have to be ready and step out of your comfort zone and do it. I had to and once I started doing that more and more, the doors starting opening up. Keep pushing, keep learning, keep growing and broaden your horizons. Don't get stuck in your comfort because of fear. You have come this far, now take it a step further, I know I plan to.

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